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Innovative Engineering & Product Development Solutions

Innovative Engineering & Product Development SolutionsInnovative Engineering & Product Development Solutions

Why APMD Solutions

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Industry Experience & Vision

AMPD Solutions is a technology sales and marketing company, established by industry professionals with decades of experience in engineering,  engineering services, and contract manufacturing.  Our technology  focus includes semiconductors, storage, Industrial & IoT.  Our work products include  semiconductor  & embedded  electronics engineering, PCB design & assembly, mechanical engineering and geospatial services.

These technologies are vital components of any electronic system, and are used by companies across  many market verticals.  We have deep experience in these areas, with a focus on segments involving new & emerging technologies .  

Choosing partners in these fields can be challenging, and differentiation is not always obvious.  The companies we represent consistently deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction through a steadfast commitment to productivity, innovation, dependability, and cost.

We  help you maximize project success through  collaboration with best-fit, highly  innovative companies from conceptualization through final delivery, with the added benefit of access to multiple suppliers through a single Partner - APMD Solutions.

Engineering as a Service provided by Industry leaders with decades of experience

High ROI

Together with our  Principals, we deliver value to our Customers as measured by productivity, innovation, dependability, and cost.


Total Customer Satisfaction

Technology is fast-paced and ever-changing.  We offer the expertise and insight of  visionaries in specific fields, coupled with unwavering customer service,  to the delight of a long list of happy Customers.

Bottom Line

We deliver innovative engineering products, services and solutions to help you deliver successful projects on-time and on-budget.